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Worldmark 1, G-02, Aerocity, Delhi 110037


    Kampai Worldmark 1, Aerocity,
    New Delhi


    Plate & Pour Indulge in progressiveness

    Hakken // Our Story

    Kampai literally means 'empty the glass' or is the equivalent of "cheers". With a unique blend of modern and authentic Japanese cuisine, Kampai brings a fresh breeze of sake and cocktails onboard, which have been designed to complement every single dish. The brainchild of Avantika Sinha, Kampai takes onto the note of providing a wholesome experience of dining over authenticity and progressiveness on your plate.

    Shokuji // Menu

    Taking inspiration from the plates of authenticity, the experience of dining at Kampai provides a blend of progressiveness and minimalism. With a successful take on Japanese cuisine, it has excelled itself in creating a space for your taste buds to enunciate the essence of the meals at Kampai.
    Unlimited Sushi, Dim Sum & Bao Lunch

    Non-Alcoholic Vegetarian - 1299++ INR

    Alcohol Vegetarian - 1799++ INR

    Non-Alcoholic Non-Vegetarian- 1699++ INR

    Alcoholic Non-Vegetarian - 2200++ INR


    Modern Japanese Taps

    A unique tapas style menu which consists of our specialities in a smaller format. With this concept you get to taste and try a wide variety of dishes in a very novel format.


    Curated Sit Down Affair

    This concept is a unique fine dine format which is a reflection of the highest possible standards in event catering. We use the best possible ingredients and the highest quality dishes with the most unique plating style impress your guests.


    Gourmet Culinary Display

    An exquistic display of various cooking styles and counters to showcase our offerings.


    Artisinal Cocktail Lounge

    Our team of experienced mizologists, bartenders and designers create this unique lounge experience showcasing Kampai signature cocktails using Japanese ingredients.

    We also provide the following services:

    -Creating a unique Sake Bar / Shochu Bar

    -Pairing dinners with wine/sake/malts

    -Bar & liquor planning

    Basho // Locate Us

    Worldmark 1, Aerocity,
    New Delhi


    Yoyaku // Reservation

    Experience Kampai and Indulge in Progressive Dining!